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The word “Chasing” means “Becoming loose are my clothes yet I regret not, For I languish and suffer for her willingly”.
The suffix “1020” is used only to avoid duplication of names, and October 20th is my birthday.

About me

🤔 I’m a college student majoring in Computer science and technology.

🎸 Introverted, sometimes feel uncomfortable talk with strangers, whereas chatty with acquaintances.

🕊️ I love freedom and unrestrained, and don’t like being bound.

🛠️ Languages sort by preference: Golang > Rust > Scala > Python > Java.

🐧 ArchLinux User | 🦉 Night owl | 🎨 ACG fans | 🍺 IP location: Gensokyo


💬 You can contact me via:

🔗 I would appreciate it if you could add my blog to your links.

🤩 You can send me your link by any means, an example of the link is below.

name: "Chasing1020"
url: "https://chasing1020.github.io"
avatar: "https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/chasing1020"
description: "Why there is a universe?"
I just want a peaceful life without troubles
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